President Trump says America will overcome Coronavirus (COVID-19)

President Donald Trump tested negative for coronavirus after days of questioning the president as when he will go for his coronavirus test as it was known that he dined with a person who has since tested positive for coronavirus, according to the White House physician. The president came in contact with the person while hosting a Brazilian delegation at Mar-a-lago, Navy Cdr.Sean Conley wrote in a White House memo released late Friday night.

Trump on Saturday confirmed he had taken the test, during a press briefing on the coronavirus. The White House physician had previously said in a memo that the President “remains without symptoms, testing for COVID-19 is not currently indicated.”

Asked when he would announce the results of his coronavirus test, President said that the test was sent to a lab and could take a day or two. Trump said he took the test “only because the press is going crazy.”

Vice President Mike Pence announced all travel from the United Kingdom and Ireland has been suspended for a certain foreign nationals, effective midnight on Monday. This will not apply to US citizens.

The same exclusion that are part of the already existing European travel restrictions will also apply to the UK and Ireland.